Cookie Policy

The ATTEST project uses cookies on the ATTEST website. A cookie is a small piece of data that a website stores on the visitor’s computer or mobile device with the purpose to track the users’ experience. The cookies in this website are classified within the following categories: strictly necessary cookies, that must be present for the website to provide and display basic functions; functionality cookies, that allow websites to remember users’ site preferences and settings (including display resolution and language); and analytics cookies, that are used directly by the website manager to collect (anonymously and only for statistical purposes) information on the activities performed by users on the website.

By default, the ATTEST project website only uses cookies that are essential to support its functioning (strictly necessary cookies). If the user consents to it, additional cookies are used to compose anonymized statistics, optimize user experience and personalize page features .

The cookies consent can be managed at the bottom of this page.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies collect information about users’ devices and serve the purpose of optimizing user experience on the ATTEST website, adjusting page settings to device characteristics. Denying consent to these cookies may, therefore, impact the experience of users on the ATTEST website.

Functionality cookies include:
• Screen resolution
• Browser version, language and plugins
• Triggered site events

Analytics cookies
The ATTEST website is connected to an open-source web analytics platform – Matomo – that is fully controlled by INESC TEC. This platform ensures the protection of users’ personal data through a set of features, such as IP de-identification. Nevertheless, the ATTEST website allows visitors to manage the collection of their browsing data for anonymized statistics.

Matomo uses cookies on the ATTEST website. Matomo’s cookies allow the ATTEST project to track the following information about website visitors, with the purpose to statistically analyze their activity on the page:
• IP address (masked)
• Geolocation (country)
• Date and time of visit
• Local time of visit (in visitor’s time-zone)
• Title of viewed pages
• Language of viewed pages
• URL of viewed pages
• URL of the referrer page
• Referrer campaign
• Screen resolution of the device
• Downloaded and clicked files
• Clicked outbound links
• Page speed / generation time
• Device operating system
• Queries searched on site
• Triggered site events

Third-party cookies
The ATTEST project may embed third-party contents and social sharing widgets on website pages. On such occasions, third-party cookies may apply.
Every time third-party cookies apply, the user will be asked for specific additional consent.
The ATTEST project has no control or liability over third-party cookies. Visitors are advised to check third-parties’ cookie policies for more information before proceeding.

Do not track preferences
In addition to these settings and at any event you may enable the Do not Track function in your browser. Do Not Track is a function that allows visitors not to be tracked by websites. Do Not Track options are available in a number of browsers including:
• Firefox
• Internet Explorer
• Chrome
• Safari
• Opera

You can contact us through our email at
INESC TEC has appointed a DPO who may also be reached at

Cookies management
By default, the ATTEST website does not track its visitors’ browsing experience.
You can change below your cookies’ preferences.


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