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Mapping future power generation scenarios for Portugal, Croatia, and the UK

To support the development and performance evaluation of the ATTEST toolbox components, a set of relevant test cases have been developed in the last weeks.

Each test case consists of a series of files containing electric grid information (grid topology, generation and load data, assets data, etc.) that supports the simulation of a real (or realistic) situation, whether it is a scenario for long term planning, operation or asset management.

To build the test cases, the ATTEST team mapped the existing network and installed capacity of Portugal, Croatia and the UK in 2020. Then, researchers collected official policy documents (such as ten-year development plans for transmission and distribution, energy strategy) and projections to support high-level estimations of energy generation and consumption up to 2050.

The result is yet to be fully released, but we have published a set of infographics that resume the key data for each country. You can find them on the resources page.