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Just released: A novel two-stage TSO–DSO coordination approach for managing congestion and voltages

We can find two major issues hindering practical applicability of existing TSO–DSO coordination mechanisms, namely the computational complexity due to the large number of times the TSO and DSO problems are resolved as well as the inability to map analytically the cost and amount of flexibility at DSO level into TSO problem.
To overcome these issues, our colleagues from LIST proposed a novel approach to TSO–DSO coordination in day-ahead operation planning for the procurement of ancillary services (AS) such as congestion management and voltage control. To this end, a two-fold novelty of their approach consists of the decomposition of the overall AS problem into two sequential stages, which seek the procurement of: (i) ‘‘active power related’’ AS (i.e., for congestion management) and then (ii) the ‘‘reactive power related’’ AS (i.e., for voltage support), respectively as well as a fast approximation of the cost of aggregated active and reactive power flexibilities of active distribution systems (ADSs). Unlike existing mechanisms, the proposed approach considers real-world challenging aspects such as the N-1 security at TSO level and operation uncertainties at both TSO and DSO levels.
Accordingly, the approach relies on tailored versions of stochastic multi-period AC security-constrained optimal power flow (S-MP-SCOPF) at TSO level and stochastic multi-period AC optimal power flow (S-MP-OPF) at DSO level, which are formulated as non-linear programming (NLP) problems. The importance and performance of the proposed approach are illustrated on a power system connecting a 60-bus transmission system (under 33 N-1 contingencies) with five 34-bus ADSs.

A new article by Muhammad Usman (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) et al. has just been published. Find the full version of the article here.

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WEBINAR | Open-source tools for future power systems

ATTEST will be featured in a presentation on “Techno-economic analysis of Microgrids – From off-grid to smart grid applications”.

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ATTEST consortium met in Portugal

The ATTEST project has been running from the beginning of March 2020 and, due to travel restrictions and the ongoing changing circumstances, all the meetings have had to be held virtually – up until now. After a lot of planning and preparations, ATTEST Consortium finally had the opportunity to meet in person on the 13th and 14th of September. The meeting was held in Porto, Portugal, the home city of the project coordinator INESC TEC.

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CONFERENCE | 5-7 September 2022

On September 6th, 16h00 (GMT+2), our collegues from INESC TEC will be at SEST 2022 – 5th International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and Technologies, presenting “The Role of Hydrogen Electrolysers in the Frequency Containment Reserve: A Case Study in the Iberian Peninsula up to 2040” in the parallel session“Multi-energy Systems”.

The conference program is available here

About SEST 

The area of smart energy systems and technologies (SEST) has witnessed both impressive growth and significant investments in recent years. Smart energy systems and technologies are enabling more efficient management of energy usage and supply and better planning for outage response and recovery, as well as the integration of heterogeneous technologies such as electric vehicle networks, renewable energy systems and connected consumers. Nonetheless, major research questions and engineering challenges remain, in particular in the light of increasing data streams from different parts and components of energy systems, as well as the need for enhancing their physical and cyber resilience.

SEST 2022 provides a venue to discuss potential solutions to existing challenges and bring forward new ones. SEST constitutes a forum for exchanging knowledge and best practices related to the design and implementation of smart energy systems and technologies.

Register here.

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CONFERENCE | 23-27 May 2022

On May 23rd, 16h30 (GMT+2), Dajana Vrbičić Tenđera (HOPS) will be at MIPRO 2022: 45th Jubilee International Convention on Information, Communication and Electronic Technology, presenting “Projekt ATTEST” in the panel “Green Transition of the Power System – R&D Projects”. 

The conference program is available here


About MIPRO 

The convention is dedicated to information, communication and electronic technology, smart industry, renewable energy sources, ecology along with new and high technologies in general.

MIPRO joins forces with other ICT associations in Croatia and the EU, becoming a hub for communication and cooperation (collaboration). It thus provides an interface for the promotion of knowledge and technology for the participants. The convention will be held under the motto ICT in Smart Digital Ecosystems.

In addition to the sessions, MIPRO will present educational seminars, round tables, panel discussions, workshops and a traditional exhibition of ICT, electronic and microelectronic products, services and technical solutions.

MIPRO is a hybrid convention. Register here.