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25 de January, 2021 by master_attest 0 Comments

WEBINAR | Microgrid and Electrification

ATTEST will be featured in a presentation on “Techno-economic analysis of Microgrids – From off-grid to smart grid applications”.

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WORKSHOP | H2020 Low TRL Smart Grids and Storage Projects Clustering

Workshop | 3rd December 2020 | 12:20 (CET)

André Guimarães Madureira (INESC TEC), Tomislav Capuder (ICENT), Florin Capitanescu (LIST), Eduardo Alejandro Martínez Ceseña (UNIMAN), and Martin Bolfek (HEP ODS) will present ATTEST in a workshop with other European projects of the energy field.

The event is organized by the European Commission and will approach seven different sub-clusters:

  1. Business models
  2. Novel energy storage
  3. Sector coupling
  4. Data management & interoperability
  5. Ancillary services at distribution grid level
  6. New compatible architectures for the grid
  7. Flexibility assessment and modelling, including probabilistic services

Registrations will soon be open. Stay tuned!

20 de October, 2020 by master_attest 0 Comments

WEBINAR | INTERPRETER – Local flexibility solutions leveraged by RD&I projects as system stability solutions

Webinar | 10th November 2020| 14:00 (CET)

The presentation will shortly provide an introduction to flexibility solutions, focused on DSO and demand side innovative service enabling solutions.

This introduction is followed by the presentation of ATTEST and INTERRFACE as examples of RD&I projects where these flexibility solutions are being developed at an European level.

André Guimarães Madureira (INESC TEC) will be representing the consortium.